Paul Parker - Orthopeadic Surgeon


Paul Parker qualified as a Doctor from Queen’s University Belfast in 1985. After overseas service in Germany and Central America, he trained as an orthopaedic surgeon in London, Edinburgh and the United States of America. He became a consultant orthopaedic surgeon in 1998. He has worked at the Friarage Hospital in Northallerton since 1999. He has worked overseas to Bosnia, Kosovo, Sierra Leone, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iraq. The town of Catterick Garrison with its 15,000 military inhabitants provides the basis of his military sports medicine practice. Hambleton and Richmondshire District provides the basis for his hip and knee replacement practice.

His practice is mainly lower limb based. Operations he performs on a weekly basis include; total knee replacement, total hip replacement, hip joint resurfacing, anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction, meniscal surgery (including meniscal repair) and cartilage regeneration techniques. Knee and ankle arthroscopy including ankle ligament reconstruction. Overuse injury advice and surgery are also a mainstay of his practice and he works closely with physiotherapists and orthotists in the region. Full treadmill and biomechanical assessments are available. Surgery for chronic compartment syndrome, medial tibial syndrome (shin splints) and Achilles tendon problems are a special interest of his.

Paul Parker lives in Richmond, N.Yorks. He enjoys hill walking, skiing and holidaying in France.


"My philosophy is to try to make your life as active and as pain free as possible – with a minimum of risk. If you have a worn, unstable or painful knee, hip or ankle, I will try to help you return to the lifestyle you want. If that should involve surgery, I will offer it to you, but counsel you fully regarding any potential risks and benefits. I will ensure that you will receive the best intra-operative and post-operative possible.

I will visit you daily in hospital until you are discharged. If your problem does not require surgery – for instance, most foot problems are amenable to simple measures such as injection, insoles and footwear modifications – then I will arrange these for you. I will treat you in a kind and courteous manner. If you have a query, my secretary or I will answer it within 24 hours."

Mr Paul Parker

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