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Wear and tear!

It is a sad fact of life that we all age and as we do – we wear out. When this applies to our hips, knees and ankles – this can be very disabling. Luckily, modern treatments, including joint replacement, can bring back that quality of life. If you have a worn knee or hip, surgery may not be the recommended treatment. At we want to help you in a manner that is as risk free as possible. We try to take a hierarchical approach to hip and knee osteoarthritis. Weight loss, use of a stick, regular swimming and physiotherapy all have a part to play. Did you know that for every 10 lbs that you lose in weight, your hip or knee is unloaded by 3 times that? Thus even small amounts of weight loss can have a beneficial effect. Using a stick helps all worn joints, but it needs to be the right size to work – we can do that for you.

Major surgery is still not necessary if these measures have not worked as well as hoped. We can inject your hips or knees – in fact most joints of your body. We can wash out your knees (arthroscopic debridement) and this may buy you up to a years relief from pain. Sometimes bracing helps. If one part of your knee is worn, we can supply an ‘unloader’ brace to take the wear off the worn area. These braces are low profile and can be worn under normal clothes.

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