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Knee Arthroscopy
Knee Arthroscopy

This is a very common procedure. It is generally performed as a day case. That means you can be admitted in the morning, have your surgery, and then be on your way home in the afternoon. Common indications for this procedure include; torn cartilage (meniscus), ligament damage, and assessment of wear and tear in the knee. The operation takes twenty to thirty minutes and leaves you with two tiny scars on either side of your knee. Pictures (or a video if you wish) are taken of everything that is seen and done inside your knee, so that you can more fully understand what the problems were. At the end of the surgery, your knee will be filled with local anaesthetic and covered with a bulky bandage. When you wake up you will not be in pain. I will come and show you what I have done and you can be on your way home. A few days off work usually helps and some post-operative physiotherapy may be useful.

Procedures that are commonly performed within your knee are; meniscal trimming, meniscal repair and microfracture. Repairing your meniscus rather than removing it (if possible) is better for your knee as it helps prevent osteoarthritis (video icon See Video - popup). If your meniscus is repaired, you will need to wear a brace for three weeks whilst it heals but the benefits to your knee will be worth it.

When worn areas are found in the knee, they can be trimmed and a number of small holes punched into the subchondral or bony base layer (video icon See Video - popup). This allows cartilage regrowth into the worn area. Again a brace will be required for three weeks – but it’s worth it.

video icon View Meniscal Repair Video

video icon View Microfracture Video

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